Scotland’s oldest dedicated pro-Europe,
pro-EU, campaigning organisation

We campaigned in the run-up to the Referendum to keep Scotland and the UK in the EU. We are still here fighting for Scotland!

Our position on Brexit is unequivocal - we believe it is a profound mistake for Scotland and the UK and that a Hard Brexit will damage Scotland, in particular, irreversibly. We are determined to oppose it.

The EU, delivering Peace, Stability and Prosperity.

The European Movement in Scotland welcomes individuals who are interested in the aims of the Movement:

  • To ensure that the interests of Scotland are promoted within the institutions of the European Union and other European Bodies.
  • To advance the goal of European unity.
  • To advance the cause of greater understanding and co-operation between the democratic States of Europe.
  • To press for improved processes of democratic accountability within the institutions of the European Union.