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June 23rd referendum - See the Bigger Picture
Vote Remain

We are campaigning in the run-up to the Referendum to keep Scotland and the UK in the EU. After the referendum, we will still be here!

The EU, delivering Peace, Stability and Prosperity

Membership brings major benefits Scotland.
Join us to ensure these benefits and rights are not taken away from us.

Read the positive message about our membership of the European Union

  • Freedom of movement
    The freedom to travel, live, study, shop, work and retire - along with full pension entitlements - in any EU country, has brought major benefits to people in Scotland.
  • Consumer protection
    EU membership provides consumer protection, has cut air fares and roaming charges and introduced compensation for travellers. It also protects our living environment, including improving air quality and guaranteeing safe bathing and drinking water.
  • Social protection
    The EU has provided important social protections for workers in Scotland and across the continent, including four weeks paid holiday a year and 26 weeks of maternity leave.
  • Business and jobs
    The EU is the largest single market in the world and provides the destination for nearly half of Scotland’s international exports. It is estimated that around 336,000 jobs in Scotland are supported by our exports to the EU. For many inward investors our EU membership is a key selling point when it comes to making investment decisions.
  • Strength and security and influence
    There are many areas - whether it is climate change, energy security, organised crime and terrorism or international trade - where the EU has much greater influence than the actions taken by 28 individual nations ever could.

To find out more about the benefits of being a member of the EU, visit our benefits page.

Together we're stronger!