EMiS August Newsletter


Great news this week that more UK constituencies now support Remain than Leave. Excellent work by Best for Britain and Hope not Hate in producing this fascinating study. This is a big turnaround from the Referendum in June 2016, when the majority of constituencies, as well as the majority of voters, opposed staying in the EU. That, of course, was not the case in Scotland. But here too the trend is a strengthening of support for returning to full membership of the EU. Particularly striking in the constituency study is the movement in the North East Scotland fishing constituencies away from Leave. We see Banff and Buchan, for example, switching from a narrow Leave majority to a slim Remain preference. Across the UK people are realising that there is no good Brexit and want the chance to make a choice in the light of all the evidence. Let’s do all we can to keep up the pressure.
We also see that the crisis engulfing us is not just about membership of the EU, crucial though that is, but is a battle between different sets of values. This is exposed in Boris Johnson’s hateful and cynical comments about Muslim women in this country who wear traditional dress. He exploits this sensitive issue to win nativist popularity and stoke his ratings as PM-in-waiting. He doesn’t care that he is whipping up populist hatred, just as he did not care that his ignorant comments have left Nazanin Zaghari Ratcliffe languishing in an Iranian jail. And who backs this Trump wannabe up? Rees-Mogg, Ian Duncan Smith, Steve Bannon and their authoritarian crew.  EU values, and I believe Scottish values, are all about tolerance, dialogue and equality. Our vision, as Europeans, could not be more different from the Trumpian dystopia. Let’s continue to work for a stronger Europe based on broad prosperity and opportunity, effective democracy and shared responsibility for our continent and its role in the world. A warm welcome to new members who have responded so magnificently to our call to upgrade from the newsletter list to become fully paid up members of the European Movement in Scotland. You are making a difference to the fight for a progressive and European future for Scotland.
Anyone who is still swithering about membership, please do join us as the action over the autumn and winter is likely to be intense and we want to be ready with materials and event preparations, not to mention willing volunteers, to fight for membership of the EU in a vote on the deal or a General Election. None of the cobbled together proposals the PM is trying to sell, nor “no deal,” nor a blind Brexit – where negotiation on all the detail on our future is kicked into the transition – is acceptable.  We need to make sure our parliamentarians do not fall for any of those options. Join us at the People’s Vote Rally Scotland on Saturday 18 August -details immediately below – .to add your voice.

Vanessa Glynn

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