Call for UK Government to publish Brexit impact report as it relates to Scotland

A letter from our member, Alex Orr, was published in The Scotsman on 1 February, noting that it is vital that the UK Government publishes the Brexit impact report as it relates to Scotland:

“I was struck by the damning assessments of the UK’s economic prospects post-Brexit, which were leaked to a political website. According to the forecasts by civil servants, there is no scenario or possible outcome of Brexit that will not result in damage to the economy.

Indeed, even if a comprehensive free trade agreement with the EU can be negotiated, growth would be five per cent lower over the next 15 years than if we were to stay within the EU.

So, in essence the UK Government knew that Brexit will damage the economy and has kept this information from the public. It seems quite bizarre that we have a government that is not only covering-up this information, which the public clearly has a right to know, but is knowingly leading us down a path that is deeply damaging to the economy.

To add insult to injury, when the Scottish Government a matter of weeks ago provided almost identical findings on the impact of Brexit, it was accused of “scaremongering” by a number of prominent Scottish Tories.

It is vital that the UK Government not only publish these assessments in full, but also provide the impact assessment information it has that relates to Scotland.”