EM International

Born over half a century ago, the European Movement has played a crucial role in the construction of Europe and the organisation’s attention centres on influencing political, social and cultural arenas within the framework of the European Civil Society. It operates as a study and information group through the many projects and activities undertaken, and has been at the forefront in helping large segments of the public take part in the dissemination of information on European affairs and activities. It operates as a pressure group through the influence exerted by its members at all levels in each sector of activity.

The European Parliament, Commission, national parliaments, authorities and governments, business-people, industry associations, NGOs and the many associations which make up the civil society in Europe have been influenced through the European Movement’s network of contacts. Influence is exerted at the EU level via the European Movement International and its individual member organisations and at the level of member countries via national councils, covering a geographical area that extends across the continent. The European Movement is also the only NGO of its type that covers almost all of Europe, EU countries, the candidate countries as well as non-candidate countries, and as such provides effective information dissemination with a large multiplier effect across Europe.