Brexit & The Environment: What’s happening? 26th February, 7pm, Edinburgh

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2050 Climate Group is organising this event on Tuesday 26th February:


Brexit will impact many areas of public life – but how will it affect our environment? Will we be able to adequately protect our natural resources and wildlife? And will it change Scotland and the UK’s efforts to avert a climate catastrophe?

2050 Climate Group has assembled a panel of experts to help answer your questions. Our speakers come from a wide variety of backgrounds and political standpoints, covering topics ranging from environmental law, to wildlife conservation and international emissions targets.

You can follow our social media accounts as we reveal our speakers in the following weeks (or we will send you an email update once we have

evealed our full panel):

Instagram: @2050climategroup

Twitter: @2050ClimateGrp

Facebook: @2050group or 2050 Climate Group

In the first hour, our panel members will each give an overview of how, in their view, the UK leaving the European Union will affect the environment and action towards addressing climate change challenges. We will then open the discussion up for questions from our audience (questions can be submitted in advance, or on the day). The aim of this event is not to have a heated debate – but to provide young people with an opportunity to learn from our panel about Brexit and associated environmental issues.

Doors will open to the public at 6.30pm for networking and refreshments. The main event will begin at 7pm, and finish at 9pm.

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About 2050 Climate Group

2050 Climate Group is a youth-led charity that aims to engage, educate, and empower Scotland’s young people to take action on climate change. Our Young Leaders Development Programme – described as a “world first” by First Minister of Scotland Nicola Sturgeon – equips its participants with the climate change awareness and leadership skills we will need in the next generation of Scottish leaders. Our Actions team provides support to young people who want to take action on climate change now, and our Policy team give young people a voice in shaping climate change policy.

Our current network consists of over 400 Young Leaders across a diverse range of sectors and regions in Scotland. This includes those who have been through 3 iterations of the YLDP, as well as the 60+ volunteers that lead the operational functions of our organisation.