Rally for Europe: #ThinkAgain

Event Details

Brexit is not delivering. The economy is fragile and Whitehall is not up to the task of negotiating a departure from the EU. The situation calls for us to think it over.

On 14 October, Young European Movement Edinburgh and the European Movement in Scotland, together with New Europeans, invite you to gather in Edinburgh to demand Britain to #ThinkAgain. A decision of such a scale cannot be made hastily, without proper debate. The discussion did not end on June 23, 2016. As the true implications of Brexit become clearer by the day, we have to entertain all options. As we deliberate, we need to call the process to a halt.

The rally will be expected to take place outside the City Chambers at High Street. There will be speeches, and you are invited to bring musical instruments with you. Join us if you support a thoughtful, democratic debate on Brexit!

Registration is not required for attendance, but we invite you to register so that we can get a better image of the number of people attending.

The event is a part of a UK-wide series of rallies taking place on 14 October. From London and Bristol to Edinburgh, our message is clear: if Britain is to survive, we can’t go on like this.

We also have a Crowdfunder project to support the organising of the event. Feel free to donate here: https://www.crowdfunder.co.uk/brexit-thinkagain-edinburgh

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