Make sure Scotland’s voice against Brexit is heard in London!

Join our campaigning in Scotland – and march in London, Saturday 23 March!

The date that Brexit is meant to happen is getting closer – 29 March. But as we approach that date, it is also clear that the chance of a People’s Vote is getting stronger by the day.

The idea that the people should be able to have the final say on any Brexit deal, with a choice to vote to stay in the EU, has won broad public support. It now has even more backing in Parliament.

But we still need to make sure enough MPs will vote to make that happen.

That is why the European Movement in Scotland is backing what will be a massive march and rally in London, on Saturday 23 March. We will be gathering, in our hundreds of thousands, to call for a People’s Vote, with an #OptiontoRemain.

Can you join us?

We are organising coaches to take supporters to London, with pick-up points in Edinburgh, Inverness, Perth, and South-West Scotland. We are also looking at arranging coaches from Glasgow.

If you want to book a place, please do so on Eventbrite, as soon as possible.

If you’re interested in a place from Glasgow, please tell us that as well.

If you can’t come to London (or even if you are!) please help us to pay for the coaches, and to keep the price of tickets as low as possible, by making a donation to our crowdfunder.

Edinburgh Send-off on Friday 22nd March at 6pm

Come along and send the Edinburgh buses off in style – sign up here for the City of Festivals Send-Off Rally.

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Do you have any places from Glasgow?

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