Overcoming Brexit Shambles: Scots Demand a Final Say

Brexit would cost us £2,000 million a week. Is it worth it? The answer of this Edinburgh crowd was a blunt “No”.

With a year to go until Brexit is due in March 2019, Scottish civil society continues its fight to keep Britain in the European Union.

On 24 February the Brexit truth bus touring the UK hit Edinburgh and Glasgow. It proclaimed that Brexit would cost £2,000 million a week on the UK government’s own figures – unlike the fantasy £350m a week bonus for the NHS claimed by the Leave campaign.

The battle bus continued its journey in England this week, but Scotland’s Remainers are already working on their next plans.

On 24 March, Edinburgh will march for Europe again. With their third large rally in central Edinburgh within a year, Scottish pro-EU activists will demonstrate the broad and growing anti-Brexit sentiment in Scotland. Time after time, thousands of Scots show their determination to assert their European identity.

The UK government has sought to suppress these demands, repeating robot-like phrases such as “Brexit means Brexit”, but ordinary citizens demanding the right to change one’s mind have forced the debate into the public arena. Scots and the British people as a whole want a final say on the Brexit process. Public opinion will be on the march in Scotland with its huge pro-EU majority.

That’s why the March for Europe on 24 March will be crucial and thousands will be demanding a change of course in Westminster. It is not too late to avert the self-harm that Brexit is inflicting and to remain full EU members.

The March for Europe, entitled “Democracy on Brexit”, is organised by the European Movement in Scotland and Young European Movement Edinburgh. It will assemble at St Giles’ Cathedral at 14:00 on 24 March, proceeding towards the Scottish Parliament.