Parliament debates petition on new EU referendum – Write to your MP

Photo credit: "Iloveeu" // Wikimedia Commons

Democracy didn’t end in June 2016. The European Movement in Scotland demands an open and honest debate on the European Union. The people have the right to think again and change their minds. On 11 December, the Parliament at Westminster will debate a potentially game-changing petition that captures precisely these ideas.

The petition demands a referendum on the final Brexit deal, to allow the people to decide whether they want to leave the EU accepting the deal negotiated; to reject the deal and leave the EU; or to reject the deal and revoke Article 50. You may find and sign the petition at .

The European Movement in Scotland encourages you to write to your MP in support of the petition. Let’s show Westminster that the tide is turning! For inspiration, we have drafted a text that you can find in the file attached. You’re welcome to modify it as you please, but we of course encourage you to draft a letter of your own. The important thing is to make MPs see that they will be held accountable by their constituents if they refuse to let the people decide. You can find the draft letter here: Referendum debate – Letter to MP

In case you are unsure as to who your MP is, you can find the full details of all MPs at If your MP is someone whose opinion on the topic is unclear or needs changing, it is particularly important that you make your voice heard.

On 11 December, the Parliament can change everything. You can help ensure that they do. Write to your MP!