We are doing everything we can to stop Brexit. One way to put pressure on the government and keep pro-European positions on the agenda is to force the government and the parliament to consider petitions from the people. On this page, we have compiled some key petitions.

NEW: Perth4Europe list of current petitions (petitions open until February 2019 or later)

Scotland for Europe

The Scotland for Europe petition has gained support from broad swathes of Scottish society. First, four dozen figures from culture, academia, civil society and more signed a declaration; now, the declaration can be signed by the public. The petition opposes the removal of our European citizenship and rights.

Sign the Scotland for Europe petition on

Perth for Europe: Keep the rights of EU27 + EFTA citizens

A parliamentary petition created in Perth: Keep the rights of EU27 and EFTA citizens already living in the UK unchanged after any Brexit. This is what even the Vote Leave campaign promised before the 2016 EU referendum. The petition has good chances to reach 10,000 and force the government to address this important topic.

Sign the petition on EU27 and EFTA citizens’ rights on the Parliament website

People’s Vote

The People’s Vote petition launched by the campaign headquarters in London has got hundreds of thousands of signatures. The petition demands that the people, not just 650 MPs, get to have their say on the final Brexit deal.

Sign the People’s Vote petition on the campaign website

Other petitions

Here are a few parliamentary petitions that are worth signing. Every time a petition crosses the 10,000 -name or the 100,000-name threshold, the government is forced to give a thought to us pro-Europeans.

Rescind Article 50 if Vote Leave broke electoral laws in the 2016 EU referendum

This petition gained far in excess of 100,000 signatures in just a couple of days. The Parliament has now been forced to debate the petition. Will the MPs take Vote Leave’s gross abuses seriously?

If no agreement on the Irish border can be reached, Brexit must be abandoned

This petition demands that if there is no agreement on the Irish border by October, Brexit should be abandoned. This would be in the interest of peace and security on the island of Ireland and beyond.

If there is no agreement to leave the EU, Brexit must be stopped

This petition focuses on the overall Brexit deal, demanding that Brexit be stopped if there is no agreement to leave. This would ensure that a destructive no-deal Brexit is averted under all circumstances.