Strength, Security and Influence


There are many global threats – whether it is climate change, energy security, organised crime, terrorism, rogue states or international trade – where the EU has much greater influence than the actions taken by 28 individual nations ever could. Only through cooperation can we overcome these threats.

International problems require international responses. We face the same threats as all other European countries: from terrorism and declining relations with Russia to climate change, humanitarian aid and the instability caused by global poverty.

We will face these challenges more effectively by working with our European allies – something that the US and the C ommonwealth understand and support. Our power and influence are hugely increased by our membership of the EU.

Terrorism does not recognise borders, which is why working with EU countries in the fight against crime is so important. The European Arrest Warrant makes it easier to deport foreign criminals, and to bring British criminals who have fled abroad to justice.


Within the EU we are in a strong position to negotiate free trade deals with other countries, something of considerable benefit to Scottish businesses.


Within the EU we can also climate change more effectively. On its own we would be too small to successfully lead the global effort to deal with global warming. As an EU member state, however, we can. 20% of the EU’s budget is to be spent on climate change, and the EU has a proven track record of leadership on the issue, including reducing carbon emissions today to 18.5% below their level in 1990.