Summer – and Autumn – of Action

EMiS has had a scorching summer of action. Among the highlights:

  • We participated in the People’s Vote Rally in Edinburgh on 18 August, alongside stars such as Rory Bremner and Gavin Esler, not to mention 1000 citizens and the chlorinated chicken and hormone-fed cow.
  • We were overwhelmed by the enthusiasm of support for our message at the Portobello Big Beach Busk on 25 August.
  • We welcomed democracy-on-Brexit champion, Gina Miller, to the Edinburgh Book Festival and engaged visitors on the need for a People’s Vote, on 26 August. See Gina’s new campaign – end the chaos.
  • Our packed-out audience quizzed their political representatives at the EU Politicians’ Panel that we organised on 30 August.
  • We reached out across Scotland’s diverse communities at our stall at the Edinburgh Mela on 1 September.

At all of these events, the clamour for a public vote – as measured by sign ups to the People’s Vote petition and our regular Brexometer (now with a dedicated album on our Facebook page) – grows relentlessly.  Our efforts will be further boosted by the appointment of a PV Co-ordinator for Scotland, funded by the People’s Vote campaign and working closely with all of us in EMiS. Look out for an autumn of intensive action – see events listed on our website for starters – and join in when you can!

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