The EU and You

EU membership delivers numerous benefits evident in the day-to-day life of people in Scotland. When we go to work or university, go on holiday, make a phone call or buy a product online, we benefit from our membership of the European Union:

  • Freedom of movement means that we can travel, live, study, shop, work and retire in any EU country.
  • EU action has abolished roaming charges, and greater competition between suppliers has led, for example, to a cut in air fares, ensuring consumers get the best value for money.
  • Consumers benefit from access to the wider range of products available across the EU.
  • If you fall ill or have an accident anywhere in the EU, you are entitled, through the European Health Insurance card, to public healthcare under the same conditions as you would receive in Scotland.
  • Holidaying in the EU is easier than anywhere else in the world. With no visas, and often no passport controls either, travelling in Europe is largely hassle-free.
  • Through the EU, Scotland is part of a union with some of the highest standards of food and product safety in the world – producers worldwide must match the EU’s standards if they want to see their products in Scotland.
  • EU citizens are strongly protected when shopping online – you have the right to return products within 14 days if they are unsatisfactory, even when shopping outside Scotland.
  • The EU has guaranteed that if your train, plane, bus or ferry is cancelled or delayed, you will receive compensation.
  • If you get into difficulty whilst outside the EU, you can receive help from any EU Member State’s embassy or consulate, if there is no UK assistance available.

“If you want to run the EU, stay in the EU. If you want to be run by the EU, feel free to join us in the European Economic Area.” – Nikolai Astrup, Norwegian Conservative MP.

Watch: European Parliament videos on the benefits of the EU