Write to Your MP Now!

Today is crucial. Influence today’s crucial debate when our MPs will be asked to vote again on amendments designed to break the Brexit deadlock.

Can you write to your MP and ask her/him to vote for both the following motions?  You can find your MP’s contact details here

The two motions are:

Motion E “Confirmatory public vote” 

This is the so-called ‘compromise’ amendment and consists of asking MPs to back the Withdrawal Agreement supported by the EU and Theresa May in return for a confirmatory referendum.

(If Britain once again votes to leave the EU in a second referendum, it would do so on the basis of the Withdrawal Agreement. If the UK votes to remain, then the Withdrawal Agreement would not be needed.)

This motion is being tabled in the name of Peter Kyle, Phil Wilson, Margaret Beckett, Justine Greening, Caroline Lucas and Philip Lee.

Motion G “Parliamentary Supremacy” 

This states that if we can’t agree on a deal then:

 – The UK must ask for an extension  (thereby opening a route to a referendum).

 – If the EU says it cannot give an extension then Parliament must choose either No Deal or Revocation of Article 50, with a commitment to a public inquiry into what we want and a possible further notification.

This motion is being tabled by Joanna Cherry, Mr Dominic Grieve, Sir Vince Cable and Dr Sarah Wollaston

Please write to your MP now!  

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