Youth sector report finds young people left confused over Brexit

Two leading  Scottish youth work sector organisations have reported that youth workers have witnessed a negative impact on community relations since the EU Referendum in June 2016.

In their project and report “Hear.EU”, YouthLink Scotland and Youth Scotland explored the impact of Brexit on the youth work sector in Scotland.  The organisations are supporting youth workers in their work with young people on Brexit. The have found:

  • Youth workers did not feel informed about Brexit, with 18% feeling ‘very uninformed’
  • Half of respondents had observed that community relations had been negatively impacted since the EU referendum
  • The majority of respondents were unsure of the financial impact of Brexit on youth work
  • Respondents were divided between those who had (42%) and those who had not (42%) provided information at any time during the EU referendum and negotiation period
  • Lack of confidence was a reason many youth workers in our research did not discuss Brexit with young people

Read more and download the report here.

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